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During a life low point, an Army Veteran & previously successful Network Marketer Decides To Give MLM One Year To Change His Life Forever & Invites You To Join Him On This Candid Journey To Financial Freedom -With Pro-Tips, Lessons Learned, Result Updates and Recommended Recruiting Tools…

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The key to getting your freedom is to get duplication! This is part 3 and is a self standing episode that compliments day 14 and day 38; Duplication Magic Parts 1 & 2.
January 5, 2018
Discover the process outline that will guide you to your greatest results -one step at a time!!!
December 25, 2017
Why setting result oriented goals for your individual team members is a major mistake!!
December 21, 2017
How revealing your heartfelt cause can help bring a serious edge to your marketing message...
December 19, 2017
The powerful benefits of having a product or service “thank you” list! Get your free Prospecting Cheat Sheet:
December 16, 2017
How “going for everybody” for your business can sabotage your growth!!
December 8, 2017
In today’s episode we reveal a weird 3 second hack verified scientifically to ease the emotional anxiety of Prospecting!! Download your Prospecting Cheat Sheet here:
December 5, 2017
I am sharing my presentation link, why aren’t they looking? Here is the FIX!!!!
December 2, 2017
Are you coming across too pushy or are you lacking the confidence to be assertive enough? Self awareness is the big key to get new improved results!!
November 30, 2017
Today is both a shout out and a rant. Do NO Harm!!!
November 28, 2017
You move naturally toward the images you hold but you attract to you what you complain about & what you are thankful for!!!
November 23, 2017
Recognizing scams; the financial, moral, legal and spiritual consequences... What about Bitcoin Ventures?
November 23, 2017
Social Media Success Guidelines That will Make Or Break Your Business & Reputation!
November 19, 2017
Your attachments align you to a result of success or failure. Discover the simple to understand process that has been proven to determine the total outcome of your life!! Thank you for Sharing!!
November 15, 2017
How to get your new partner started, the very first steps! Go here now to get your free Prospecting resource Cheat Sheet:
November 13, 2017
What Jordan Adler identified as the core issue to get fast team growth & the one thing you could be doing that causes growth to slow or stop. Discover more read: Beach Money by Jordan Adler. Dow...
November 13, 2017
For those not taking action -here is your fix!
November 10, 2017
All things business card! Yes? No? Or maybe so!!!
November 7, 2017
The number one reason why duplication happens or doesn’t happen Revealed in today’s episode! Download now your free Prospecting Cheat Sheet before it is replaced: 
November 6, 2017
Reprogramming your faith the easier and faster way with a deeper understanding of how thought and faith actually work!
November 5, 2017
How to increase your effectiveness immediately by getting improved compliance in all of your Relationships and especially with your prospecting process. Be certain to use the G.A.P. method as you pros...
November 4, 2017
I just found out how to get prospects complete attention and focus in just 3 seconds flat! This secret revealed in today’s brief episode!!!!!
November 3, 2017
How to get prospects to close themselves before you even begin!! Get this!
November 2, 2017
How to Overcome Objections and The Key To Follow Up!! Your Free Prospecting Cheat Sheet Is Here:
November 1, 2017
What are mirror neurons and how do they impact your results? Get your free download of the prospectors cheat Sheet:
October 29, 2017

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